ICCMA 2023
5th International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation


    About ICCMA 2023

    The series of International Competitions on Computational Models of Argumentation (ICCMA) aims at nurturing research and development of implementations for computational models of argumentation. ICCMA 2023 aims to

    1. to assess the state of the art in practical systems for reasoning in central argumentation formalisms, and
    2. to collect and re-distribute a heterogeneous benchmark set of reasoning problems in argumentation for further scientific evaluations.

    ICCMA 2023 welcomes contributions from the community at large in the forms of

    1. new argumentation reasoning problem benchmarks, and
    2. implementations of argumentation reasoners (for abstract and assumption-based argumentation) that will be evaluated within ICCMA 2023 on a heterogeneous collection of benchmarks.

    ICCMA 2023 is organizers by Matti Järvisalo, Tuomo Lehtonen, and Andreas Niskanen (University of Helsinki, Finland). The preliminarity plan is to present the competition results at the KR 2023 conference.